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  • Multi-function Diagnostics

    The G-Scan 2 is our OEM Level Multi-Function Diagnostic tool offering advanced functions of programming, coding, configuration, component testing, sensor simulation and CAN Line analysis. Besides having OEM Level functions for Asian brands it is also programmed with software to cover most European and American makes giving you an unbeatable package...


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  • Multi-market Diagnostics


    The Navigator TXT is a total package available from Texa that has software available for Cars & Light Commercial vehicles, Bikes, Trucks, Trailers & Buses, Agricultural Machines, Construction Equipment, Marine and Stationary Motors.


    This PC-Based solution has comprehensive coverage including programming, configuration & coding functions...


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  • Truck Trailer & Bus Diagnostics


    The JalTest Link is a full function, Multi-Brand Commercial vehicle scanner. It covers Trucks & Trailers, Light Trucks & Buses. Specialising in Commercial vehicles it offers advanced functions of configuration, coding and parameterization...


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  • P-C Based Wireless Scanner

    The Auto i300 has just been released by Carman to address the market demand for wireless bluetooth scanners. This unit steps up the game by adding a battery so that tests can be done under cranking allowing you to test in all situations....


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  • General Service Scanner

    Our latest addition is the NT644 from Foxwell which is a very cost effective unit that covers all general functions related to the service and maintenance of most makes and models, covering reading, clearing, service resetting, DPF regeneration, electronic park brake, brake bleeding etc...


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  • Aircon Recycling Station


    For those of you that did not know, R134a A/C systems are required by the manufacturers to be serviced once per year. This is a great opportunity to add a new profit centre in your shop. The K710R is fully automatic so can be programmed and left working by itself notifying you when it is done...


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  • VW & Audi OEM Scannin


    This unit specialises in the VW / AUDI and SEAT brands. It offers functions that rival the dealer tool and covers all models and systems. It runs on all versions of Windows and is simple to load and operate. Even if you already have a scanner this is definitely a worthwhile add on...


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  • Key Programming & Pin Extraction

    With the demand for key programming on the increase our SKP-900 is the tool to add to your shop. It covers a wide range of makes and models and includes pin code extraction as well as having a pin code calculator for vehicles requiring codes...


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  • Electrical System & Battery Testing

    The BESA-11 is one of the most useful and easy to use tools that we provide. It can test the Battery, the Starter, the Alternator as well as the Chassis Ground. The PC program it is provided with allows you to save and print the test results...


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  • OBD Socket Testing

    The OBD Link Tester is one of those tools that just makes life easy. By connecting it to the OBD socket before you connect your scanner you can test to see if everything is as it should be.


    Included in the package is a data saver cable that allows you to maintain power when you are changing the battery so you don't lose info such as the radio code...


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  • Professional Leak Detection

    The Smoke Wizard is a tool that is an absolute necessity when it comes to diagnosing driveability problems. It gives you the ability to pinpoint exactly where the leak is in a matter of minutes, saving you time and money. Besides vacuum leaks it can also test for....


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  • Fuel System Testing

    The Fuel System Tester Pro from MityVac is a comprehensive test kit that performs tests on all aspects of the fuel system, making diagnosis of fuel related issues a simple process. It comes complete with Gauge, connectors and flow meter...


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  • Technical Data Online

    utodata is now online and offers up to date info on technical data, vehicle identification, repair times, tightening torques, lubricant capacities, electrical component locations, wheel alignment, timing belts, timing chains & gears, key programming, wiring diagrams, service illustrations, service resets, diagnostic trouble codes, ECU pin data, electronic parking brake, guided diagnosis & more...


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  • Diagnostic Assistance

    Is our PC-based technical assistant for diagnostic related issues and has a simple menu driven interface that provides comprehensive information on fault finding, a trouble shooting guide, a guided diagnostics procedure, in-depth explanations on components, expanded descriptions for diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s), multi-meter & oscilloscope component testing procedures as well as an oscilloscope pattern reference library & more...


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  • Cabin Sanitising

    The Texa Air+ uses the latest in Ultrasonic technology to remove the bacteria and fungus that builds up on the evaporator causing the musty smell in the cabin. The process takes 20 mins and and is a great way to increase the profitability of your shop...


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  • Vacuum Brake Bleeding

    Our MityVac Vacuum Brake Bleeder is the most complete kit available. The kit includes the bleeder, both master cylinder auto refill and plate style auto refill kits. Everything is provided to quickly and conveniently vacuum bleed virtually every make and model of vehicle on the road...


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  • Bolt & Stud Repair

    Anyone that works with bolts and nuts the Uniburr is a tool that is an absolute necessity to have in your toolbox. The Uniburr is a high quality tool that gets placed over the end of a bolt with a burr and using your drill repairs the damage to the bolt...


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  • Quality Tools & Storage


    If you have used tools for some time then you will know the benefits of using quality tools. Jonnesway is a professional tool brand that offers a wide range of tools from spanners to screw drivers to hammers to pneumatics to tool storage. If you are looking for quality tools that are great value for money then look no further as we can take care of your needs in the Jonnesway brand...


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  • 4 Gas Petrol Emissions

    The Carman 4 Gas is our stand alone 4 Gas analyser with AFR and Lambda calculations, making it a diagnostic tool in its own right. It has a stainless steel probe and is supplied with a spare filter kit (about 1 years supply)...


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  • Diesel Smoke Meter


    The Diesel opacity measurement from Carman offers free run and snap acceleration testing capabilities. It has a built in printer and display making it portable and extremely user friendly. With the volume of Diesel vehicles being sold this is now becoming an absolute necessity in a modern workshop...


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  • Sensor  & ECU Test Aid Kit


    If you are using an Oscilloscope, or Multi Meter then this kit is an absolute must. Diagnostic Testing is now becoming common place in the market and the adaptors provided in this kit help you to seriously save time when doing these tests...


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